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Close Up Radio Spotlights Christy Stevens of Dek’s Tae Kwon Do School

Show Date:

Tuesday March 23rd at 2pm EST (Jim)


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Close Up Radio Spotlights Christy Stevens of Dek’s Tae Kwon Do School

Omaha, NE – Martial arts can prepare you to defend yourself, get you in shape and enhance your character.

Christy Stevens is a 7th degree Black Belt and an owner and Master Instructor of Dek’s Tae Kwon Do School, the Midwest’s most elite martial arts school. Stevens has been practicing Traditional Tae Kwon Do for nearly 30 years.

“Tae Kwon Do taught me what matters is being patient with yourself,” says Stevens. “It's about what you can learn today, not the belt around your waist.”

Dek’s Tae Kwon Do School is dedicated to its students’ physical, mental and spiritual success.

A police sergeant and 20-year veteran of the Omaha Police Department, Stevens says she approaches everything in her life with the same dedication, whether it’s Tae Kwon Do or her police work.

“Tae Kwon Do and police work go so hand-in-hand because they are really about the same thing,” says Stevens. “You're trying to resolve anguish for people, give them hope, give them direction, give them opportunity.”

As a single parent to four special-needs children, Dek’s TKD School works with students with autism spectrum disorder, ADD and ADHD and other developmental delays. Each disorder requires a special approach to learning.

“Every child that comes to our school has something they can teach me,” says Stevens. “We work with a lot of disadvantaged kids or kids on the spectrum, and it’s changed the way we teach traditional Tae Kwon Do. It gives me the greatest satisfaction to see how I can completely transform the future for children, especially disadvantaged children, children that are struggling with everyday life, and giving hope to parents that have brought their children to our school..”

Close Up Radio will feature Christy Stevens in an interview with Jim Masters on March 23rd at 2pm EST.

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Close Up Radio Spotlights Christy Stevens of Dek’s Tae Kwon Do School 03/23 by Close Up Radio | Fitness (

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