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Thank you for visiting Dek's Tae Kwon Do School, the most elite martial arts school in the Midwest.

Dek's Tae Kwon Do School provides students the unique opportunity to study and perform traditional Tae Kwon Do under teachers dedicated to their physical, mental and spiritual success.  Students and parents quickly discover Dek's Tae Kwon Do School...

  • centers on the study and performance of traditional Tae Kwon Do in a clean, safe and secure environment.

  • utilizes Tae Kwon Do as a platform to teach essential "life lessons" and enhance character.

  • teaches Tae Kwon Do in a "mentoring" environment to develop tomorrow's leaders.

  • uses staff dedicated to the success and personal growth of each student.

  • instructors are well-versed in working with students afflicted with ASD (autism spectrum disorder), ADD and ADHD, developmental delays, dyslexia, etc.  Each disorder requires a special approach to learning and we make sure every student is taught in a manner that maximizes their development.

Master Dek and Master Stevens are dedicated to the success of our students and are VERY passionate towards that endeavor.  As you move through our web site, that passion, dedication and pursuit of excellence will become apparent.  Visit our school, meet Master Dek, Master Stevens and the instructors, and view photos and videos capturing the essence of traditional Tae Kwon Do training.

Our Mission

To create quality people through quality Tae Kwon Do instruction.


Our Motto

"Dedicated to Success"

Contact Information





Dek's Tae Kwon Do School

10817 Elm Street

Omaha, Nebraska 68144


The Discipline

Martial arts began their development over two thousand years ago as a means of self preservation.  The various martial arts are actually different methods of hand-to-hand combat.  Some make use of weapons, but most use “empty” hands or unarmed combat techniques.  Every civilization has at one time or another experienced threat and, as a result, members have needed to defend themselves.  Over the centuries, primitive techniques and fighting styles had been redefined and organized into effective fighting systems.  Tae Kwon Do is one of many such fighting systems.

With the systemization of martial arts came the realization that the mind was a significant force in mastering and utilizing fighting skills.  For early martial artists, facing death led to self-discovery and recognition of fear.  With the reality of death came the necessary need to hone fighting skills to perfection. 

Warriors subsequently learned the importance being focused and free of fear during battle.  These warriors trained themselves unmercifully in order to learn to overcome the physical limits of pain and how to overcome stress and fear when faced with imminent death.  They learned that mastering the body required mastering the mind as well.  The body and mind are inseparable.

The early martial artists discovered through intense physical and mental training that in reality nothing is of any significance.  Neither who you were nor what you will be (the past or the future) is of importance.  The only thing of significance is what you are now.  This is referred to as enlightenment – the process by which the essence of “being” is revealed.  As societies progressed, enlightenment became the ultimate goal in martial arts.  The martial arts were no longer solely about the perfection of physical skills, but about uniting the body and spirit as one.

The practice of traditional Tae Kwon Do continues to pursue the goal of mastering both the body and the mind.  Even today people study the martial arts as a way of bettering themselves both physically and mentally.  Accomplished instructors in the art of Tae Kwon Do have the ability to teach their students to master both body and mind and attain enlightenment.

Tae Kwon Do classes offer the complete workout for those seeking a form of physical exercise.  With as little as three one-hour sessions a week, students quickly gain endurance, flexibility and strength.  Tae Kwon Do is a discipline that encourages the physical development of both the left and right sides of the body equally.  The variety of techniques ensures all parts of the body are involved in the workout.

For students wishing to learn a form of self-defense, Tae Kwon Do offers training that gives a smaller person the skills and knowledge to defeat a larger assailant.  Each workout offers opportunities to practice the various self-defense techniques and make their use second nature.

Students wishing to find an outlet for artistic expression enjoy the practice of hyungs.  Hyungs are a stylized sequence of defensive and offensive techniques that demand precision.  Accomplished practitioners of hyungs can captivate audiences with their ability to combine grace with power.  

The curriculum for both children and adults ensures a complete physical workout with practical applications.  There is something for everyone at Dek's Tae Kwon Do School.

The Curriculum

The Master of the School

Puht Dek 2006 3.jpg

Master Puht S. Dek, 8th Dan Black Belt

Master Puht Dek has been teaching traditional Tae Kwon Do for more than forty years.  As an 8th Dan Black Belt and Certified Master Instructor of Tae Kwon Do , he has instructed thousands of students over those years and assisted many of those in becoming Black Belts.    

Master Dek developed a reputation as a fierce competitor in the ring and has accomplished remarkable feats in board breaking.  He is one of the few martial artists in the world to successfully execute a ten-board break and has done so on several occasions.  Master Dek marvels audiences with a variety of "flying" board breaks and is renown for his technical precision and grace in sparring.

It is rare that an individual can be as accomplished an instructor as he is an athlete, but Master Dek excels at producing quality martial artists.  He tirelessly pursues his endeavor to "teach Tae Kwon Do" and dedicates himself to the success of his students.

You have already read about Master Dek's credentials as a martial arts instructor.  Master Dek also serves as a great role model having recently retired from the Omaha Police Department as a Sergeant having served over 27 years!

Meet Our Masters


The Instructor Corps of Dek's Tae Kwon Do School is composed of some of the finest Traditional Tae Kwon Do Masters in the nation.  These Certified Masters of Tae Kwon Do are students of Master Dek, and the late Grandmaster Ki Hyung Kim, who share the same enthusiasm for practicing and teaching as himself.  These Masters have been practicing their art for more than 50 years! Master Dek hand-selected these instructors for their dedication to success and their desire to share their knowledge with others.  Each brings his or her own strengths to the Corps and all work together to help each student achieve success.  These Masters truly are dedicated to success!


Chris Stevens 2006 3.jpg

Owner, Master Instructor and

Director of Operations, 7th Dan

Master Christy Stevens

Terry O'Gara 2006 3.jpg

Master Terry O'Gara

Instructor, 6th Dan

Master Terry O'Gara has been a practitioner of Tae Kwon Do for more than twenty-six years and is currently a 6th Dan Black Belt.  He has extensively studied the physics behind board breaking and wrote his Black Belt thesis on the subject.  In addition to his knowledge of Tae Kwon Do, Master O'Gara has extensive training in weight lifting.  He has directed many students in how to use weight training to overcome recurring injuries, eliminate weaknesses and prevent further injuries.


Master Daniel Cleveland

Instructor, 5th Dan 

Master Dan Cleveland has been a student of Tae Kwon Do for more than twenty years and is currently a 5th Dan Black Belt.  He began his studies with Master Kim, but joined Master Dek thirteen years ago to continue his training.  In addition to his knowledge of Tae Kwon Do, Instructor Cleveland has a Master's Degree in Mathmatics from Creighton University.  He has chosen to use his education to teach high school students.  This experience as a teacher makes Master Cleveland a valuable asset to Dek's Taekwondo School Instructor Corps.

Master Christy Stevens has been practicing Traditional Tae Kwon Do for more than twenty-six years and is currently a 7th Dan Black Belt.  Master Stevens is known for her technical expertise and precision in the performance of hyungs and captures perfect scores in competition.  She has proven to be a strong competitor in the ring and routinely defeats much larger competitors.  Master Stevens also conducts Tae Kwon Do workshops for middle school and high school students in conjunction with the Omaha Symphony's "Celebrate Creativity."  Master Stevens also coaches the Guardians Performance Team and has led performances in front of thousands of people with the Omaha Symphony for Symphony Spooktacular.  The performances have received standing ovations!

Master Stevens counts among her greatest achievements her many successes working with disadvantaged children.  'Success' is not something that should be kept from anyone!

Master Stevens' achievements have been recently acknowledged by her induction into the Continental Who's Who Inner Circle and as a Global Who's Who Lifetime VIP Member.


The students of Dek's Tae Kwon Do School are encouraged to compete in tournaments both locally and nationally.  Tournament competition usually consists of non-contact free sparring and hyung performance.  Occasionally competition may include board breaking.

The purpose of tournament participation is not just about winning or losing.  It's about learning to control emotions such as fear, anxiety and frustration.  It's about improving from tournament to tournament.  It's about being humble in winning, graceful in losing and supportive of others in their quest to learn Tae Kwon Do.

This learning can not come from any other experience and it is instrumental to a person's progress as a martial artist.  The more tournament experience a student has, the more relaxed and confident he or she is in the face of adversity.  In addition, students learn to become more flexible and adaptable when confronted with different situations.